Paintings By Nancy Balmert

Called “The Queen of the Flowers” Nancy Balmert is known world over for her large scale floral paintings. Her works perfectly capture the bloom, translating its ravishing details in a way that makes the viewer feel as if they were strolling through the garden, inhaling the scent of the flowers and the warmth of the sunlight beaming down upon them

Painstakingly following the style of the Old Masters, such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio, Nancy employs the technique of lighting for effect. In her works, she creates what she calls “soft edges” and uses the intensity of the pigment to cause the subjects of her paintings to advance and recede.  She combines the very best pigments available with a medium to produce works that will last literally for centuries.

“Capturing bright hues of light and color with remarkable forcefulness…each flower emerges to become dynamic, expressive and electrifyingly lifelike."
Ruthie Tucker
Curator at the Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery, New York
“Flowers are just so vibrant and graceful, It seems like they’re filled with love. I want to capture their movement and life and show others just how lovely each one is."
Nancy Balmert
“Nancy Balmert’s painting takes us to the most beautiful of flower gardens. The artist opens her window to the world to show us her infinite beauties. The poet of light. So I want to define it. A color that illuminates the representation. The strength of the sign, the elegance of the outline, the delicacy of the color, are the elements that characterize Balmert’s art. Nancy is a painter who seeks the light and leaves the darkness. The guardians of the light fight their eternal battle against the dark colors. The victory of light over the darkness of darkness.”
Art Universal, the great encyclopedia of international art.
Enhancing and magnifying what the human eye cannot see, Nancy Balmert's up-close, celebratory floral oil paintings reflect the beauty and rhythm of the floral kingdom. Aesthetically augmenting the essence of nature's realism, Nancy Balmert's dazzling floral oeuvre pulsates with exuberance as she performs artistic alchemy, inviting us to her enchanted kingdom of floral art.
Ruthie Tucker
Curator at the Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery, New York